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Antiseptic touch dispenser

The suspended automatic touch dispenser is designed for economical dispensing of antiseptic agent and is perfect for places with a large flow of people where quick hand disinfection is required. Thanks to its modern design, the dispenser will perfectly fit into different styles of interiors. A liquid skin antiseptic can be used as a hand disinfectant. For ease of use, the dispenser is equipped with a touch sensor for the supply of a disinfectant, which allows you to maximize the hygiene of the hand treatment process. Does not require a mains connection, runs on batteries type C (R14, LR14) (not included). Designed for multiple use.

Sensor: infrared non-contact; Sensing distance: 8-12 cm under the device; Volume: 1000 ml; Liquid dosage: 1 ml; Power supply: 4 batteries C (R14, LR14); Disinfectant filling bottle, viewing window to monitor the remainder of the disinfectant. Removable pallet.

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