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70MAI car compressor

The most important feature of the compressor is automatic shut-off when the set pressure value is reached. Set 2.40 atm.with the "+" and " - " buttons, then the device inflates the wheel to 2.45 atm. and turns off. It is specially inflated by 0.05 atm more, since when the hose is disconnected, some of the air is drained.

The compressor is capable of producing 25 l / min – with this performance, it can produce an average tire (195/70 R14) in 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

The compressor is made in a minimalistic design. It uses only high-quality materials and elements: a German piston, metal gears, a quick-release connection with a nipple, and a hose made of natural rubber. It is also important to note its compactness-64x148x54 mm (fits in the glove compartment) and light weight-0.95 kg.

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