Yeelight Z1 Pro Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp

Built-in 2500 mAh battery
The 2500 mAh lithium battery built into the table lamp can provide up to 40 hours of light (at minimum brightness). It allows you to take the lamp with you to the library, dormitory, classroom, outdoors and anywhere else.
Bright and uniform direct light
The working part of the Yeelight Z1 Pro lamp has an elongated shape. The LEDs placed in it provide uniform illumination of the entire surface on which the diffuser is directed, without illuminating and leaving no fragment in the dark. When studying late, this light is gentler on the eyes and helps to focus.
comfort light
For ease of use, the top of the lamp can be adjusted by 180°.
Choose the appropriate mode from three possible modes for working at a computer, needlework or reading a book. Each features a balanced color temperature and brightness.
You can easily and quickly change the angle of illumination, as well as the brightness of the lamp. In addition, the lamp has high autonomy and a universal Type-C charging port.

֏ 30000 ֏

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