Deerma DEM-DX888


The Deerma DX888 vacuum cleaner is a compact and efficient vacuum cleaner designed for daily cleaning. It is equipped with three interchangeable nozzles that allow you to clean various surfaces such as floors, furniture, curtains, walls and narrow hard-to-reach places. Due to its compact size and light weight, the vacuum cleaner can be easily operated with one hand.

The Deerma DX888 vacuum cleaner is powered by the mains, which ensures continuous operation without the need to change or charge the battery. The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of durable plastic, and the dust container capacity is 0.45 liters. The dust bin can be easily removed at the touch of a button for easy cleaning.

Three nozzles are included in the package: a basic flat brush for the floor, a triangular soft brush for furniture and a fine nozzle for tight spaces. Also included is a composite extension tube, which allows you to increase the length of the vacuum cleaner and reduce the load on the lower back.

The Deerma DX888 vacuum cleaner has a power of 600 W, which ensures efficient suction of dust and small debris. It also features low noise levels for more comfortable operation. The handle of the vacuum cleaner has a thoughtful shape that allows you to conveniently operate the vacuum cleaner with one hand in any position.

The Deerma DX888 vacuum cleaner is available in white and is equipped with a power regulator on the body that allows you to adjust the suction power depending on the type of surface or cleaning task. Also, the vacuum cleaner has vertical parking, which simplifies its storage.


- Manufacturer: Deerma
- Type of cleaning: Dry
- Includes: upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle
- Design features: Power regulator per box

puse, vertical parking
- Power type: Mains
- White color
- Detachable handheld vacuum cleaner: Yes
- Dust container type: Container
- Dust container volume: 0.45 l
- Fine filter: Yes
- Battery life: 30 minutes
- Power consumption: 400W
- Suction power: 180W
- Suction pipe: Composite
- Noise level: 80 dB
- Power cord length: 4 meters
- Weight: 2.2 kg

֏ 40000 ֏

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