Smart baby watch Y92 LTE GPS

The children's location watch is an innovative product that can be of interest to all parents. Thanks to modern technologies, this gadget has implemented the most important functions designed to ensure the safety of the child, which is never superfluous. Smart children's watches are equipped with an SOS button for making an emergency call to programmed phone numbers, both at the initiative of the child, and in the event of an emergency situation - removing the watch from the hand, or going beyond the established limits. In addition, a children's watch with a GPS tracker allows you to make phone calls, send SMS messages, count steps, and to all this, a convenient beautiful watch with an alarm clock.
The wi-fi location mode is designed for more accurate location determination, as watches equipped with this module perform a quick poll of access points for geolocation. This feature is very useful when the child is indoors where the GPS signal is weak and the cellular connection is unstable.
Children's smart watch Y92 in standby mode will work for at least a week, with active use - 2-3 days. There is a "Silent call / callback" function for inconspicuous wiretapping. Parents can make calls and listen to sounds within a radius of 5 meters around the child

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