360 Kids Watch E1

Kid Watch 360 E1 smart watch for children is an innovative device that will ensure the safety and communication of your child in real time. They provide parents with a unique opportunity to control and keep their children safe.

Features and functions:

1. Instant video calls: The watch supports instant video calls between other watches or phones, making it easy for your child to connect with you and other family members.

2. Camera: The smart watch is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera, which allows you to take clear pictures and capture interesting moments.

3. IPX8 Water Resistant: The watch is protected from dust and high levels of water, which allows the child to wear it even when washing hands and active games.

4. Large capacity battery: The smart watch is equipped with a 800 mAh battery, providing a long working time of up to 4-5 days in standby mode and up to 2-3 days in normal use.

5. Real-time tracking: The watch uses GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower to get the most accurate location for your child. You can view the history of his movements for several days.

6. Virtual Fence (Safe Zone): You can set up a virtual fence and when the watch leaves it, you will be notified. This will help control the safety of the child.

7. One-button SOS: In emergencies, the child can press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to send an alarm to parents.

8. Phone call and chat: The watch allows you to limit the contact list, which will ensure safe calls and chat between children and registered contacts.

9. Pedometer & Stopwatch: The watch supports a pedometer for recording daily physical activities and a stopwatch that can be used for games and sports activities.

10. Alarm Clock: Parents can set alarms on the watch to remind kids of important events, including bedtime and wake up time.

Kid Watch 360 E1 baby smart watch in blue is a reliable and convenient device that will provide you and your child with additional security and communication. You can be calm for your child, knowing his location and being able to contact at any time. In addition, the additional functions of the pedometer, stopwatch and alarm clock will make using the watch fun and interesting for the child.

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