HTC A103 4GB/64GB
HTC A103 4GB/64GB


Friends, let's take a fascinating trip back in time and get acquainted with the HTC A103 4GB/64GB tablet - a real embodiment of the style and functionality of the past decades. This tablet is a real symbol of retro-technologies, which will enrich your life with completely new possibilities.


Manufacturer: HTC is a legendary brand, whose devices have always been distinguished by reliability and quality.

Screen: A magnificent 10-inch screen that invites you to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment with a resolution that impresses.

Processor: Powerful and reliable, it provides speed and smooth operation even with the most demanding applications.

Memory: 4 GB of operational memory and 64 GB of internal memory - you get a huge space for storing all your files, photos and videos.

Operating system: Android - your guide to the world of countless applications and opportunities.

Communication: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support allows you to stay connected and exchange data with other devices.

Camera: The built-in high-resolution camera gives you the opportunity to take stunning pictures and videos to capture the important moments of your life.

Battery: A powerful battery provides a long time of autonomous operation so that you can enjoy the tablet all day.

Design: With a metal body and a classic finish, this tablet will give your image a unique charm.

Sound: High-quality stereo speakers will give you amazing sound for music, movies and games.

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Manufacturer: HTC - a symbol of reliability and high quality.

Screen: 10-inch screen with excellent resolution, which immerses you in the world of content.

Processor: A powerful processor that guarantees fast and responsive work.

Memory: 4 GB of operational memory and 64 GB of internal memory - large space for data and applications.

Operating system: Android - your door to the infinite world of applications.

Communication: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for convenient connectivity.

Camera: Ability to create amazing photos and videos.

Battery: Долгое время работы - always ready for action.

Design: Classic and stylish - HTC A103 is a real pride.

Sound: Excellent sound quality for your entertainment.

HTC A103 4GB/64GB is not just a tablet, it is a real icon of style and past times, which will add nostalgia and technological flavor to your life.

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