Communication-Bluetooth: 4.0
Food Power Source: Mains
General characteristics

  • Compatible OS: Android, iOS
  • Note: Compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 7.0 or later OS.
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Control: Via Mi Home App
  • Appearance
  • Height (mm): 235
  • Width (mm): 145
  • Length (mm): 204
  • Weight (g): 1240

In the cycle of endless affairs, it is important not to forget about your health. One glass of warm boiled water, drunk on an empty stomach, will help restore water balance in the body after sleep, improve blood circulation, and help your "brain" wake up. While sitting in the office and dealing with work issues, take a break and drink a glass of hot water to boost metabolism, remove toxins and prevent hypothermia caused by air conditioning. If you feel unwell, a cup of warm tea will warm your body and calm the nervous system, relieve spasms and pain in gastritis. Having become the owner of the Xiaomi smart kettle, you will feel all the benefits of hot water!
In the bottom of the kettle there is a 1800 W heating element, which ensures uniform and fast heating of the water. The boiling process of the kettle takes only 5 minutes.
All parts of the kettle that come into contact with water, namely the inner surface, lid and temperature sensor are made of 304 stainless steel from Pohang Iron and Steel Company (Posco), which complies with GB9684 standard. This material is absolutely safe for health, therefore it is widely used in the medical and food industries, does not form deposits, scale, odorless and easy to clean.
Thanks to the optimized electrical connector in the center of the stand, the risk of electric shock when touched is minimized. Moreover, even if water gets inside the stand, current leakage will be excluded. Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is equipped with a smart temperature control function. It is carried out via a Bluetooth connection via the Xiaomi Smart Home mobile application. Also, the Xiaomi electric kettle has protection against idle heating: If there is not enough water, an automatic shutdown will occur in order to prevent the device from burning out and other dangerous situations.
One-piece inner body and spacious 130mm hole
The inner surface of the kettle has no seams or hard-to-reach places. The case has a round and flat bottom and a wide top opening with a diameter of 130 mm, the lid opens at an angle of 80 °. All this together provides convenience when cleaning the inside of the kettle.

֏ 30000 ֏

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