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Deerma Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

Spraying every 20 minutes
The built-in smart chip counts down every 20 minutes and sprays a dose of fragrance to refresh the fresh scent, so the fresh feeling will be with you for 24 hours!

Spraying is controlled by electromagnetic induction technology, resulting in more accurate and reliable spray control.

Set up automatic spraying or use manual mode by spraying fragrance at a time convenient for you with one short press.

Changing the spraying system to vertical made it possible to avoid accidental contact with the face or skin, and also to add spraying power - the jet reaches 45 cm.

A high pressure balloon in combination with micro-doses of fragrance allows you not only to create a rich aroma in the room, but also to use one balloon for 20 days!

  • Warranty 30 days
  • Model DEM-PX830
  • ManufacturerDeerma
  • Weight (g) 250
  • White color
  • Dimensions 198 x 65 x 62 mm
  • MaterialPlastic
  • Main characteristics
  • Air freshener, replaceable balloon (3 pcs.), AA batteries (2 pcs.)
  • Battery & Power
  • Power supply: AA battery x 2

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