Mi Smart Scale 2

The balance has two states "active" and "passive". Only when the user stands on them does the weight indicator light up. As such, the scales do not have a conspicuous "screen". This underlines their stylish design. What's more, the backlighting of the weight indicator automatically adjusts to the light level in the room. How does the Xiaomi (Mi) Smart Scale 2 interact with a smartphone? In order to enjoy all the useful benefits of the scale, the user needs to install the Mi Fit application on his smartphone. The scales are instantly synchronized with the app. To do this, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, launch the application and get on the scales. Each weighing is reflected in the application in a single graph. Thus, with an accuracy of minutes, you can find out how much you weighed at the time of the first weighing and at each subsequent one. You can set a personal slimness goal. Based on the weighing results, the application will analyze how close you are to her or how far away you are.

֏ 25000 ֏

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