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Xiaomi / Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier

The Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier 5L (DEM-F600) is an air humidifier capable of maintaining favorable conditions in a room up to 40 square meters. It has a five-liter reservoir, which is enough for 12 hours of operation. The device is equipped with a carbon filter to trap small particles that may be in the liquid. The humidifier is made in a stylish, ergonomic housing made of high quality non-toxic plastic. It is a cylinder with a corrugated twist-off top section and a sight glass for monitoring the water level. The model has touch control and is designed to be installed both on the floor and on a table or cabinet. The humidifier also has an air temperature level indicator. Features: Large tank volume; Ergonomic design Simple controls; Mains operation; Humidification area up to 40 sq.m.

General characteristics
Model DEM-F600
Humidifier Type Ultrasonic
Operating modes of the humidifier air aromatization; air ionization; air humidification
Technical features
Number of operating modes 3 modes
Add. humidifier options; the ability to use fragrances; Temperature measurement; Timer for 12 hours; Activated carbon filter
Maximum sound / noise level 36 dB
Safety systems Water shortage protection
Humidifier display Low water level display

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