Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra, 4,000 Pa

Powerful 4,000 Pa suction - Remove dust and hair without a trace: Equipped with a high-performance brushless motor, the motor delivers sustained and strong suction power, cleaning dust, pet hair and crumbs from cracks, crevices and under beds.

Durable and long-lasting battery life - Clean a 240m² area in one go: 5,200mAh high capacity battery, capable of cleaning more than 240m² of area in standard mode with one charge, no need for recharging frequently.

Three levels of water flow control to meet different cleaning needs: The smart electronically controlled water tank evenly distributes water without leakage and supports three levels of water flow control, to thoroughly clean floors throughout the home.

Precise 3D sensor for avoiding obstacles: Equipped with 3D obstacle avoidance technology, it detects the outline of children's toys, wires and other obstacles, slowing down in advance to make a detour.

Anticipation of low-height spaces to avoid getting stuck under cupboards: The front ToF sensor accurately detects spatial data to promptly evade tight areas lower than its body height.

Real-time measurement of drop height - Immediate halting when next to steps: Cliff sensors under the body measure drop height in real time. When nearing the edge of a step, it stops and turns around, no worries about falling off the stairs.

New LDS laser navigation system with smart mapping: The new-generation LDS laser navigation technology accurately scans your home environment and maps the actual layout in an instant.

Adapt the cleaning method to suit your environment: Through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, you can enable a variety of advanced map management features to ensure that every floor is well taken care of.

Multi-core processing - Smarter cleaning style: The Cortex-A53 quad-core chip and SLAM algorithms fully activate the computing power, enabling real-time precise positioning and dynamic route planning at the same time, resulting in a smarter, more efficient cleaning.

֏ 290000 ֏

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