Viomi Smart Kettle

Real-Time Display Keeps You Informed of The Water Temperature

Real-Time Temperature Display | Four Stages for Heat Insulation | Triple Safety Protection

Water Temperature

Equipped with a HD OLED screen, VIOMI Thermostatic Electric Kettle displays the water temperature in real-time, allowing you to keep track of the heating status and the heat insulating mode you choose. When choosing the heat-insulating mode, the icon and temperature show synchronously on the screen, making the operation visible and clear.

Smart Water Temperature Control

The electric kettle features intelligent water temperature adjustment, allowing you to set an appropriate heat-insulating temperature via the mobile phone or panel and choose from different heat-insulating modes. It can directly heat the water to the set temperature or keep the temperature at the set one after boiling.

5 Minutes To Boil The Water

With the 1800W ample power energy-gathered heating ring at the bottom, it only takes 5 minutes from pressing the "Boil" button to water boiling.

Double-Layer Body

Insulating Heat Without Hurting Hands

304 Stainless Steel Inner Container

Providing You Medical & Food Grade Safety

Triple Safety Protection Design

Ensuring Your Safety Against Electric Shock

High-Precise Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensing Accurate to ± 2℃

UK STRIX Temperature Controller

Long-Lasting and Durable

Uncap with a Small Angle

Avoid Scalding Injury by Splashes

Product Name Viomi Smart Kettle

Net Weight 1.3kg

Rated Voltage 220V

Dimensions 216×145×23mm

Rated Power1800w

֏ 38000 ֏

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