Xiaomi Mijia Lemon Razor H303-5

Xiaomi Mijia Lemon Razor H303-5 is a shaving kit that includes a razor holder, two razor blades, shaving foam with lemon flavor and a razor base.

Quality cut without irritation
Due to the unique design, the pressure is evenly distributed over the entire plane of the machine. This virtually eliminates the possibility of irritation and prevents damage during shaving.

Magnetic shaving head attachment
The magnetic attachment secures the shaving head to the base of the shaver. At the same time, you can remove or change the machine within a few seconds.

Convenient and practical stand
Shaving Kit Xiaomi Lemon Razor H-303-5 comes with a practical stand that can be used to conveniently store your razor. The stand has a special hole for draining water.

֏ 15000 ֏

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