Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Compact

Allergy Air Purifier: Available in California. Xiaomi Compact HEPA Air Purifier 4 has 16 strict allergen filtration test protocols.

Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 µm: According to the inspection report of the China Institute of Testing and Inspection of Household Electrical Appliances, 2022.

Small but powerful: 517 sq. ft. 4 compact air purifiers clean large rooms up to 1033 sq. Feet per hour, 206 sq. Feet in 12 minutes. If you need Turbo Clean, choose manual mode.

Super Quiet Mode and Display Off: 20dB noise level is 1/3 lower than typical home air purifiers for large rooms, and the display backlight can be turned off to not interfere with sleep.

Easy air quality monitoring: This air purifier monitors changes in air quality in real time. You don't need to adjust the speed manually because it has a fully automatic mode.

Intelligent Voice Control: Works with OK Google/Alexa for intelligent control. You can summon good air remotely by setting the optimal coverage, fan speed and timer. Child lock available

Compact and Stylish Design: The 4 compact air purifiers are lightweight and easy to place on a table or hide on the floor of a room. The packages are exquisite.

Low power consumption: 1/3 lower than other HEPA air purifiers. Only 0.7 kWh is required for cleaning within 24 hours.

Extended filter life, easy replacement: The Xiaomi Compact Filter 4 lasts from 6 to 12 months, which is 2 times longer than other air purifiers. Find out the lifespan of your filter with the Mi Home App. Rotate and pull out from the bottom to replace the filter.

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