Wine Opener Kit Xiaomi HuoHou HU0047 4in1

HuoHou Electric Wine Bottle Opener Basic is a basic set of wine accessories that will help you open a bottle and bring out the taste of your favorite drink. The set for wine includes: an electric corkscrew, a stopper, an aerator, a knife for cutting packaging and a USB charging cable.
Stylish gift packaging
The wine kit includes items to help you open, pour, aerate and preserve your wine. The set comes in a special, thoughtfully designed box that doubles as a perfect gift wrap. The set will be a high-quality and elegant gift for any occasion.
Opening wine in 6 seconds
The corkscrew motor in the HuoHou Wine Gift Set is designed with aircraft technology in mind to achieve high performance. Open any bottle quickly and easily!
Convenient one-button control
To control the device, just one swing button is enough. Press the button and the blade will screw into the cork, press up and the bottle will be opened.
Up to 70 bottles per charge
The corkscrew has a 550 mAh battery, which is enough to open 70 bottles of wine. The charging time of the device is 2.5 hours. Charging via microUSB port.

How to use the corkscrew from the HuoHou wine set:
remove the shell from the bottle;
bring the corkscrew to the neck, secure, press the bottom of the swing button;
press the top of the swing button and pull out the plug
corkscrew, vacuum stopper, aerator, foil cutter

֏ 35000 ֏

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